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  • James Arter

SoundToys SUPER PLATE - Plugin Walkthrough & Demo

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Welcome back, SoundToys!

It’s been 5 years since they released a plugin, although it feels like 50. I’ve found the SoundToys bundle to be invaluable when mixing and producing, their plugins are so creative and intuitive it just makes for an all-round inspiring experience when using them.

This plugin is no exception. It’s got a bunch of great-sounding plates (as to be expected by a reverb plate plugin!) but it’s not just the quality of the plates which makes it a cool plugin. It’s the additional features; the parametric EQ, the filters, and, most notably, the Auto-Decay feature. The Auto-Decay is essentially a built-in side-chain. I nearly always use a side-chain on my vocal reverbs as it really helps to clean them up and sit better in the mix so this is a really welcomed component. In this video I run through the plugin to show you all its features and then let it loose on vocals and drums, so you can hear it in action. Keen to hear what you all think of it! By the way, if you’re already a SoundToys customer you can get really good upgrade deals on this plugin. Since I have the whole bundle, it would only cost $29 - pretty tasty! (no, I don’t work for SoundToys, I’m just a humble fan!)

Anyway, thanks as always for watching!

Stay creative.



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