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  • James Arter

ONE-SHOT VS TCI’s - What’s the difference and where/when to use them!


One-shots and TCI’s are used constantly to replace and augment drum recordings. Whether you’re using them to improve the sound or to salvage a bad recording, it’s a regular occurrence to see them used in many (most?) mixes.

In a nutshell, one-shots are single samples (like the name suggests) and TCI’s are multi-sampled, multi-velocity instruments for use with Slate Trigger 2.0. One-shots are generally processed, hyped, and often labelled ‘mix-ready’, whereas TCI’s are unprocessed and more natural-sounding.

It’s important to mention that GOG files are very similar and is the format that Drumagog uses - for all the Gog fans out there!

But which is better to use?

Ok, spoiler alert, they’re both great and both have an equal place in the world of mixing but in this video I’d like to show you how they differ and where/when you might choose to reach for either.

Hope you enjoy the video, as always, hit me up with any questions!

Stay creative.



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