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  • James Arter


Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The FILTERS in SLATE TRIGGER 2.0 are super important. When adjusted correctly, they help to filter out the part of the signal not required and allow the gates to work more precisely and effectively.

Adjusting the low-cut and high-cut filters when triggering a kick drum, for example, can help to focus the gate and tell it to ignore the frequencies that aren't relevant. Since its fundamental is based in the low end, there's little point confusing the gate with all that high-end information.

It's worth pointing out that this won't actually filter or affect the actual sound of the drum itself - that remains unchanged - it's just affecting what the gate is seeing.

You can do this with every drum that you're triggering, not just the kick drum.

In this video, I use an example where the toms are getting incorrectly triggered due to other sounds from the kit - it's a very busy drum part where the drummer is intentionally hitting the rims of the toms too - so, with the use of Trigger 2.0, I can filter out those confusing sounds to achieve more accurate triggering.

You can view it above.

Hope you enjoy it!


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