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TheBossman Snare POS.png


For Slate Trigger 2

A multi-sample instrument for use with Slate Trigger 2


Snare drum sampled:
Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature (14 x 6.5inches)


- 7 Velocity Layers
- 7 Round Robins

- 2 Articulations ('Dampened' & 'Undampened')
- 7 Different Mic Channels
- Recorded in a LARGE LIVE ROOM
- Recorded through NEVE & API preamps

- Heaps of One-Shots Included!


Available until 1st December 2022
Use code: BOSSMANBF22 at checkout



More About The Bossman Snare

This much sought-after snare drum was discontinued a number of years ago as has always had a certain special magic about it. It has an incredible mid-range, impressive low-end, and an extremely recognisable and versatile sound. So, I sampled it.

Recorded with 9 mics, through Neve & API preamps, in a large live room, I captured this fantastic snare in an extremely detailed way.  With 7 velocity layers, 7 Round Robins, and 2 articulations, it's intended to be as natural and versatile as possible - just as the drum intended.

Use with Slate Trigger 2 to augment a snare, completely replace a snare, or even just use some of the mic channels - the room mics are pretty special!
If you don't want to use it with real drums you can also use it with your favourite software drum instrument. Just send the MIDI data into Trigger 2 and use it alongside it.


To run the TCI instrument you will require a copy of Slate Trigger 2.0 (NOT INCLUDED).

The one-shots are just WAV files so you can use those in any audio application that supports them.


Due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we can't issue refunds


Mic Channels

SNR Top 1 - Shure Beta 57a -> Neve OPX

SNR Top 2 - AKG C451b -> Neve OPX

SNR Btm - Shure SM57 -> Neve OPX

SNR OH (Overheads) - AKG C414 XLII x2 -> Neve OPX
SNR Room (Stereo Room) - Oktava ML52-02 Ribbon x2 -> API 512C
SNR Mono Room - AKG C414 XLS -> Neve OPX
SNR MS Room (Mid/Side) - AKG C414 XLII -> Neve OPX


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